Patient Satisfaction From The Bottom Up

For twenty two years, when handing patients a "Johnnie Gown", Deborahlee Stobart, RN thought, "someone needs to change these out of date gowns" then she realized she is someone... While patient rooms, waiting areas, & chapels have all been changed to accommodate the patient's & their family's comfort & sense of wellbeing, no one had addressed the patient attire. Research has shown that making the patient feel comfortable and as secure as possible while keeping their dignity intact promotes a healing environment and better patient outcomes. Deborahlee's passion for patient care and positive outcomes guided her in designing "The Real Patient Gown" - " The Cozy Cure". Her passion is showing through in her company, Deelee Enterprise, LLC.

Deelee's line of patient gowns were designed with a patient & clinician focus. The "Cozy Cure" is compatible with advancing technology, durable to save healthcare centers money, and stylish & comfortable for the patient. The "Cozy Cure" is cost effective and will improve patient satisfaction scores.

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