Patient Satisfaction From The Bottom Up

Our Company:

Founded in 2014, Deelee Enterprise has been working very hard to bring health centers the most innovative hospital gown on the market.  Based in St. Louis, Missouri, Deelee strives to be a community leader by interacting with local charities, going green, and raising awareness of childhood diseases.

Deelee's Mission:

Our mission is to develop an innovative relationship with the healthcare field through honesty, integrity, and character. We are committed to exceptional customer care by creating the first steps of healing through self-image and comfort while maintaining accessibility for the clinician in the care of the patient.

Patient Gowns:

Deelee's line of patient gowns were designed with a patient and clinician focus:

  • Compatible with advancing technology
  • Durable to save health centers money
  • Easily accessible for  the clinician
  • Stylish and comfortable for the patient

Improving Patient Survey scores:

  • Patient comfort
  • Patient experience 



Drive and desire for constant improvement is one of Deelee's core values. We own and license proprietary products (patents and trademarks pending). We offer innovative products such as the COZY CURE & our passion for patient care will drive our innovations to improve patient comfort & ultimately patient outcomes.


  • Patient surveys
  • Clinician surveys
  • Market research

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