Patient Satisfaction From The Bottom Up


Deelee is committed to quality and continuous improvement:

We are committed to delivering outstanding customer value by providing quality patient gowns and services, which consistently meet the needs of our customers, both internal and external. We are committed to continuous improvement of our products, our services, our business processes and our business relationships. We will accomplish these objectives by creating and maintaining a quality-focused environment, while deploying our Total Quality approach with our valued customers, employees and community.


Deeleeā€™s Guarantee:

We guarantee everything we sell. Should you have a problem with a Deelee product, call us. We will take care of the problem right away, either by cheerfully and promptly exchanging the product or by crediting your account.

Total Quality System:
Corporate Quality at Deelee includes: Quality Assurance and Quality Control. Our staff is highly cross-trained and oversee all quality-related functions for Deelee products. The team includes RNs, MSN, marketers, statisticians, and engineers whose combined knowledge and experience contribute to our goal of continuous improvement. In addition, numerous technicians, inspectors, coordinators and administrative personnel perform vital functions on a daily basis to assure effective implementation of our Quality Process.

Quality Assurance:

This important function guarantees that Deelee products meet or exceed all relevant requirements and standards. Besides ensuring the continuous review and improvement of Deelee products, QA team members conduct surveys to improve product quality.

Quality Control:

Quality Control is the final check prior to distribution, where we confirm that our design and validation processes have yielded products that meet our customers' needs. Quality Control is not a substitute for creating processes that ensure good product off the line, but it acts as a safety net in case an error occurs.

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